A project to reclaim our founding principles and explore the shared pillars of American civic life.  This is not an agenda or a think tank. We do not claim the solutions to every problem but rather want to explore together what we believe, what we want for our communities and our country, and what should be the foundation for a new commitment to both citizenship and leadership.


We want everyone in America to be having real conversations about what matters to them and their communities, about citizenship and leadership, about how politics and government can support our highest ambitions for ourselves and our country.  Those discussions already happen every day around kitchen tables and churches and offices, on Facebook, on Twitter, and we hope these ideas help spur and inspire those conversations to take on new purpose.  If you have feedback for us, by all means please share below, but the real discussion needs to happen with you and your family, you and your friends and neighbors, out there in the world, not here.

  1. Host a pot-luck dinner and spend the evening talking about what you wish politics was about, ask each other what you hope for from leadership, talk about ways you can each make your communities better, ask whether there are ways government and politics can help create opportunity and ensure justice where you live.
  2. Disagree with a friend where you listen more than you talk and without villainizing them.
  3. Share an essay on Facebook and pose a question rather than declare a conclusion.
  4. Share an essay on Twitter or via Medium.

Got feedback for us?  We are happy to hear your ideas.  What’s right and what’s wrong with our perspectives?  What are we missing?  What would make them better?  What topics should we explore?  Tell us.